PC and Laptop Repairs

We can handle all your PC and Laptop problems
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Able to handle any PC or Laptop

Essex Computer Doctor repair a wide range of computers every day, from 486 print servers to 'state of the art' custom units running Microsoft Windows 8. Our customers often return to us for advice or other issues and although some equipment is beyond help or just not worth the cost of repair  their needs are always met due to our outstanding repairs services. We have fantastic customer satisfaction within the services which we provide.

No problem is too big or too small and we can deal with an extensive range of problems with your computer or laptop. Whether your trouble is software or hardware related, we have the competence to source parts and fix almost any problem fast and with a professional attitude.


Treated with Care

We promise you as our customer, that your computer or laptop will be safe and secure whilst in our care. We will ensure that all laptops and PCs are treated with the greatest care and respect and are kept safely locked in a secure holding area. If the worst did happen, we have full insurance for all goods kept on our premises, so this gives your piece of mind that you would be compensated for any loses which could possibly happen


Common Questions

Have a look at some of the common questions we get asked about our PC and Laptop repair service